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Know about me:

I was born in Galicia, lived in Cádiz, and fell in love in Japan.
I am a fanatic of everything Japanese, including cinema and video games.
In my professional life, I stand out in the creative and graphic aspects. I've done it all: web design, 3D modeling, videos, video games, animation, UI/UX design, graphic design, campaign design, layout... Always in the creative and design realm.

Interface design: web tool


UI design

I created the interface designs for a web application using a tool that facilitates the identification of the genetic etiology of the signs and symptoms that professionals deal with daily.

Due to confidentiality, I cannot make the designs public. Please contact me if you want access to the private entry.

UI/UX design: OTT Tiivii


UI/UX design

The Tiivii OTT platform has been one of the most significant projects in which I have participated as part of Cinfo. Once again, taking on a crucial role in the design area, I was tasked with leading the execution of the interface design and proposing ideas to enhance the user experience.

Brand identity and educational app design


UI and brand design

Petisgo is an educational platform with video and interactive content. My role was to design the interface and brand image, which would also be used in the app icon and within the app itself. It was a particularly creative job as there were very few references, but there were high expectations from the client.

Web design and video editing for EDUSIS


Web design and video

The communication actions for EDUSI initiatives by municipalities were part of a complex communication plan in which my role involved creating websites, videos, brochures, and various other graphic elements for publication both in digital media and in physical formats.

The goal was to inform the citizens about how these European funds had been used to improve their cities.

Advertising: social media, mailing, and landing pages

Telecable Group

web design

For several years, I was in charge of the layout of emails and landing pages for the Telecable Group, mainly working for its Galician brand, R. In these tasks, I was responsible for adapting the provided creatives into ready-to-send or publishable emails and landing pages.

Development of a web-based plenary system for municipalities

web-based plenary system

web development

For this project, I had the responsibility of launching the first prototype of a website that could host plenary sessions for municipalities. This involved generating tables with timestamps that interacted directly with the video and URLs that worked with these timestamps to share specific moments.

Despite being a designer, I achieved my goal. Later on, the team helped refine the idea and its functionality. To this day, we continue to use the system, and I handle the design and layout of the variants for each new municipality that requests this service.

And many more: other projects

no limits

Videos, editing, animation, 3D, programming, and more...

Even to this day, it's common for me to switch roles depending on the project. Sometimes, I create promotional videos, graphic materials for events and social media, websites for clients, 3D models for video games, website maintenance, and creative proposals.

My day-to-day involves adapting to various situations and continually learning from the challenges that arise, and that's what I love about my job.